Shocking! Ninoy Aquino had involvement with Sabah infiltration – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Well known writer Carlos Munda in Mindavote Facebook page, he published the documents Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shows a report about the rivalry of late Senator Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. and the late president Ferdinand Marcos.

“The enmity between the two men was deep, personal, and longstanding. A backroom attempt to reach an accommodation in 1966 degenerated into a heated, first-shaking, shouting match. 1968, Marcos publicly accused Aquino of being a Communist collaborator and suggested that the government might indict him for subversion. In a 1968 speech, Aquino attacked Imelda marcos as new Evita Peron and published a paper with a photo of a bejewelled Imelda next to a malnourished Filipino child. Enraged marcos called Aquino a “congenital liar” and told him to “spare women and children.” Relations never improved from that law point.”

According to CIA documents, Ninoy has revealing the secret plan of the Philippines to conquer Sabah, Malaysia and alleged contact with terrorist and Muslim rebels in the Middle East.

“Beyond marcos, Aquino had enemies in a wide range of important Philippine interest groups. The military reportedly distrusted him, because of his revelations in the late 1960’s of Manila’s involvement in a secret plan to influenced Sabah, Malaysia, and his ongoing cantacts with US-based anti-Marcos terrorist and Philippine Muslim rebels in the Middle East. The business community did not know what to expect from Aquino, and feared that he could not ensure the political stability required for a healthy business environment if he came to power. These interest groups now form the lynchpin to Marco’s power base.”

It said that Aquino political career shows that he’s consumed by his ambition to become the President of the Philippines.

“Much of Aquino’s personal political history – and thus some of Marcos’s possible motives for neutralizing him politically – has been obscured in the confusion following the assassination. Although the press characterized Aquino as a man committed to democratic processed and consumed with the ambition to run the Philippines as President.”

“Aquino and Marcos each recognized he danger the other represented. Both took an expedient, if not ruthless, approach to their political and personal relationships throughout their political careers. Both swithed parties when they found at advantageous. Both came from the provinces with a traditional of political violence, and both took part in it. Prior to martial law, Aquino wrote in a June 1972 newspaper article that the Philippines needed “a man on a white horse” to provide displine and guidance. But Marcos had the same vision and acted first.”

CIA also detailed that even Aquno’s already living in the United States after his heart surgery, it showed the importance and his strong influenced in Philippine politics.

“Nonetheless, next to Marcos, Aquino was the most important man in Philippine politics,. Although he lived in the United States following heart surgery, he was in constant contact with both government and the opposition. His public statement were carried, and often attacked, by the government controlled press, and unceasing speculation aura was such that during the June 1981 presidential election, Marcos, who was assured certain victory, prevented only one opponent – Aquino – from running against him.”


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Source:  CIA (US)

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