Viral Photo of Leni attended Duterte rally, debunks Robredo’s statement ‘I did not join any rally’

Vice president Leni Robredo in her statement she denied her involvement and other members of Liberal Party to overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte.

Photo from NowReader

“Before I don’t know what the reason, but when the president was interviewed last Christmas, he said that I was a part of rallies to oust him. That is not true, I did not join any rally,” Robredo said.
But according to the photo post Leni has attended a rally in EDSA. That was the Black Friday protest against late president Marcos burial at the hero’s cemetery.

During the rally last November 25, 2016 aside from the placards protesting vs Marcos burial, rallyist also included placards that tell: ‘Duterte resign’.

The said rally were also attended by Mar Roxas and Kiko Pangilinan wearing black and Robredo wearing White upper outfits perfectly reflects the wishes of the Black and White movement organizers.

After the rally, Leni received a text message from Malacanang telling not to attend the HUDDC Cabinet meeting.


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Source:  NowReader

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