Atty. Belgica to Trillanes: “Puro corruption sinasabi mo e is aka sa pinaka maraming nakuhang DAP”

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According to Atty. Greco Belgica, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was one of the most who benefited the PDAP scam during Aquino administration.

Belgica in his Facebook post, he called the senator a ‘Bag Man’ because he got the huge amounts of the DAP funds.

Recently, senator Trillanes made again a noise and revived his accusation to President Rodrigo Duterte’s undeclared wealth.

After Trillanes made his accusation to the President, Atty. Belgica dared the senator to prove his accusation wrong and to resign if he is right.

Read full post of Atty. Greco Belgica below:

To Senator Trillianes

Just for being a hypocrite.

Puro corruption sinasabi mo e nag pakasasa ka noon panahon ni Pnoy. Isa ka sa pinaka nakinabang,noong panahon ni Pnoy at pinaka maraming nakuhang DAP. Saan mo dinala? Yun ang dapat ipakita mo.

Sayo dumaan ang napaka raming DAP funds noong iimpeach si dating Chief Justice Corona. You are a bag man.

Patunayan mong hindi totoo sinasabi ko at tatahimik na ko. Pero kung mapapatunayan ko ang sinasabi ko mag resign ka na at ibalik mo ang pera ng DAP na kinuha mo.

Kung totoo ka, lalaban ka.


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