Colombia’s ex-president says Duterte’s drug war won’t succeed: “Trust me, I learned the hard way”

Former Colombia President Cesar Gaviria said in an interview with The New York Times that President Rodrigo Duterte need to rethink his war against illegal drugs since he will just fail.

According Combia’s President from 1990 to 1994, he sure knows what he’s talking about.

He also said a vicious campaign to solve the narcotics problem, involving fumigating crops and jailing every pusher in sight.

“Not only did we fail to eradicate drug production, trafficking and consumption in Colombia, but we also pushed drugs and crime into neighboring countries. And we created new problems. Tens of thousands of people were slaughtered in our antidrug crusade,” Gavirian said.

He said that there will only reduction in illegal drugs if there are improvements in public health and safety and also strengthen the anti-corruption and investments are made.

“We also believe that the smartest pathway to tackling drugs is decriminalizing consumption and ensuring that governments regulate certain drugs, including for medical and recreational purposes,” he said.

“extrajudicial killings and vigilantism are the wrong ways to go.”

“The polls suggest that Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs is equally popular. But he will find that it is unwinnable,” Gavirian said.


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Source:  Politiko

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