Idol talaga! Duterte calls Marcos ‘the most enterprising president we ever had’

President Rodrigo Duterte, in his speech at the launch of a garden in Malacanang Park, he praised late President Ferdinand Marcos for his intelligence and his accomplishments.

According to President Duterte, the Philippines would have been better off if Marcos program were continued and the money, not stolen.

“Marami siyang mali pero huwag naman natin isahin na wala siyang ginawa. But dito sa utak, I said he was the most enterprising President that we ever had.” Duterte said.

The President also cited that he allowed Marcos burial at the hero’s grave because he only followed the law.

“He might have been a coward, wala na tayong pakialam na coward na sundalo. We were not there during the war. He might have been a bad President but that is for history to decide. Dumaan naman sila lahat bakit nila hindi tinanggal ‘yung batas ‘yan? So pagdating sa akin, I just enforced it,” he said.


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Source:  Politiko

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