Journalist slams Sen. Drilon, Pangilinan: ‘Bakit pag senador ok lang na labagin ang proseso?’

Photo edited from Asian Journal/Facebook/Remate

Veteran Jounalist Ira Panganiban, in his Facebook post, he lambasted Senator Franklin Drilon and Kiko Pangilinan for defending Senator Leila de Lima.

The two senators asked to give dignity to fellow Liberal Party De Lima because she is a senator.

“Bakit? Wala bang dignity ang ordinary citizen? Are we now saying that there is really a law for the rich and another law for the poor?” Panganiban said.

Panganiban expressed his disappointment on inequality by not immediately arrest De Lima and let her have what she demand.

“kaya galit nag alit sa inyo ang masa eh!!! Tapos hindi niyo ma-gets.”

Panganiban gave his last shot for the two senators.

Read the full post of Ira Panganiban below:

Dear Foreign Media fed by local PR,

Senator Leila de Lima was arrested for protecting the operation and facilitating the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines. That is the charge against her.

She was not arrested because she was a critic of the current president. Otherwise Senator Trillanes would be with her.

There is no case of illegal criticism of the president in this country. There might be a case of illegal possession of ugly face and morbid character though.

Yours truly,

A Filipino who lives here



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