Koko Pimentel to Ex-Colombian President Gavaria: You are wrong in criticizing PH drug war

After former Colombian President Cesar Gaviria criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte war against illegal drugs in the Philippines, Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III defense the government’s war on drugs.

“There is no doubt that tough penalties are necessary to deter organized crime. But extrajudicial killings and vigilantism are the wrong ways to go,” the former Colombian President said.

According to Pimentel, the government has no policy to kill drug suspects, it is just enforcing the law to protect people from the menace of drugs.

“Common sense na iyon e (It’s plain common sense). Killing people is not the solution. You are enforcing the law. We are against drugs because it destroys people. So, how can we kill people to protect people? So killing people is not really the answer to any problem,” Pimentel said.

“Pero iyong sinabi ni former Presidente Cesar Gaviria (But former President Cesar Gaviria’s statement) like for example the decriminalization of the drug problem, that is wrong. Kasi (Because), we are dealing now with synthetic drugs. This is not only marijuana, synthetic drugs. We cannot ever even entertain making the use of making synthetic drugs as legal. No way,” he said.


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Source:  Inquirer.net

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