Kris Aquino to Pres. Duterte: Please don’t jail my brother

Photo from Filipinoinfo

According to President Rodrigo Duterte, he said in his speech that celebrity Kris Aquino texted him asking him not to put his brother, former President Noy Aquino to jail.

“huwag mo naan ipakulong si.. (don’t jail my..)” apparently referring to her brother. Kris said.

The President said that he only want to find out the truth and give justice from the victims who died waiting in vain for military air support which did not come.

According to President Duterte explained to Kris Aquino that he is not finding what is the fault, he only wants to find out the truth and what really happened.

“I am not out to find fault, I’m just to find out the truth” Duterte said.

The President question why no chopper with rocket launcher were deployed to help the SAF troopers.

“I did not ask who made a mistake or who received (the reward money),” said Duterte.

The President cited that Ombudsman has a pending probe on the Mamasapano and wanted to avoid having incongruous findings from two bodies.


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