Pare-pareho lang yan! De Lima: Soldiers to be like cops in drug war!

According to Senator Leila de Lima, she does not see any change in policy of Duterte’s administration even with the suspension of Oplan Tokhang, even more alarming now that military is being called as part of war on drugs.

“With all of these na nangyayari ngayon, na nakakabahala na naman at na i-involve ang military, to me that would be the same dog with a different collar. So pareho rin. Mga pulis din, without re-orienting them, without really instilling in them the values and the principles of human rights, respect for the rule of law, pareho rin yan,” De Lima said.

“In the first place, it’s not supposed to be part of the mandate of the AFP. It’s like the exercise of calling out emergency powers under the Constitution pero kailangan malinaw na ang purpose is to suppress lawlessness or lawless violence. Patunayan muna yan. Do we really have a state of lawlessness or may lawlessness ngayon dahil sa patayan?” De Lima said.


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Source: Politiko 

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