Sec. Mark Villar reports completion of hanging brigde in Iligan a month after the viral video!

Last December 2016, a netizen named Yasmin Mangorsi posted a video in Facebook showing a young boy and his sister struggling to cross the river using a tight rope bridge in barangay Lapinao, Ilegan.

Read the full statement of Sec. Mark Villar below:

"Last December, we watched a video posted on Facebook by Yasmin Mangorsi which shows a young boy and his sister struggling to cross a river using a tight rope bridge in Barangay Lanipao, Iligan. Happy to report that the bridge is now complete.

"The popularity of the video caught the attentions of the people who worked with the DPWH and with the help of ThinkingPinoy they were able to contact the uploader of the video and identified the place where it was taken.

"Upon learning the details of the viral video, DPWH Sec. Mark Villar ordered his men to conduct a study for the construction of a hanging bridge which was immediately built in just a month after the survey was conducted.

"Most netizens took to social media and commended the achievements of Sec. Mark Villar who was once bashed on social media because of his political connections but the former congressman proved to the general Filipino public that he is worthy of his positions and trust by Pres. Rody Duterte."


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