Walk For Life or Parade Of Idiots? Doctor’s Though On This Prayer Rally Went Viral!

Last Feb. 19, 2017 prayer rally happened which called “Walk for Life”, a protest proposal to revive the death penalty and the mounting extrajudicial killings.

Meanwhile, Doctor Ethel Pineda, in her Facebook post, she lambasted the nuns who supported Senator Leila De Lima who was also seen during the prayer rally.

Read the full post of Doctor Pineda below:

"There's a bitter taste in my mouth this morning, and it isn't the coffee.

Senator Leila de Lima, with the nuns in what the Philippine Catholic Church calls "Walk for Life."

"This senator who has been sleeping (literally or figuratively, take your pick) with the enemy in the National Penitentiary( and god knows where else) where the drug trade flourished under her nose as Secretary of Justice. Where drug lords enjoyed privileges money, influence and power can buy. Plush quarters ( have you seen Herbert Colangco's "prison cell?"), recording studio, TV station, jacuzzis, concerts with booze, for heaven's sake!!!!

"This senator who cannot even muster some amount of honesty to say she enjoys a good fuck (Who does not? C'mon people. Be honest. Be not like Leila.) when questioned about her dalliances, but instead chose to bring down womanhood by mouthing all that bullshit about the "frailties of a woman."

"And these nuns who are quick to take to the streets, dragging with them those young clueless children to protest against the burial of Marcos and the so-called extra-judicial killings but have no qualms walking side by side with this woman whose alleged patronage helped create and spread the drug menace that has killed thousands and undermined almost everything that it makes Marcos look like a piddling rascal.

"Walk for Life. Looks more like a parade of idiots and a miscreant."


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