Anak ni Sara Duterte na si Stonefish, gumanti sa pambubully sa kanya ni Leah Navarro

Singer Leah Navarro got a sharp reply for poking fun at President Rodrigo Duterte's newest grandson “Stonefish” Marko Digong Duterte Carpio, nicknamed Stonefish.

“Leah Navarro. Kahit pa ano sabihin mo. Presidente pa rin ang Lolo ko at Presidente ang Ninong ko. At mas matalino Mama ko sa iyo, therefore, mas matalino ako sa iyo kahit 15 days old lang ako. -- President Stonefish Carpio #goodvibes #dancedancedance #dancesinglovelive #du30 According to a study, children inherit their intelligence from their mother 😛”

The reply was posted after Navarro tweeted that Mayor Duterte's son will one day be called "Stonedfish." 

Leah Navarro poking fun a newborn baby and insinuated that this baby is gonna be a stoner someday.

“Poor kid. One day someone’s gonna call him “hey, Stonefish!”” – Leah Navarro in her Twitter account.

Leah Navarro is a known to critic of President  Duterte and supporter of the Liberal Party took swipe at the newest son of Inday Sara Duterte.

The newest member of the Duterte family named ‘Stonefish’ Marko Digong Duterte Carpio has been baptized in a ‘very private’ ceremony.

Source:  gma news,  


  1. Singer leah navarro who is an old wrinkled has-been may be suffering from ALS or PARKS. Why should she ire her hatred on a hapless 15-day old infant when in fact he has nothing to do with the world. This kind of bullying is an indirect insult to our president mayor Du30 but she forgot who the mother of this innocent baby is. leah navarro you lost your change of ever performing here in Davao City just in case you will have a musical concert. Your stupid antics has already been etched in our reasonable thinking. Good luck na lang sa iyo moron.

  2. hay nako kahit magtapatan si Inday sarah,at Lea malalamog kay Inday sarah ang babaeng yan..kayang kaya ni Inday sarah ipagyugyugan katawan nya sa lupa.san nga para mabawasan kahambugan


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