DPWH to build first bike, pedestrian lanes in Laguna Lake Highway under Duterte Administration

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The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will be incorporating bike and pedestrian lanes in the construction of the 10.7-kilometer Laguna Lake Highway which led by Public Works Secretary Mark A. Villar.

The two new lanes or the first phase of the project amounting P1.2 billion and it is the first highway in the country that will have bike lanes.

“This is the first highway in the Philippines to have bike lanes, 3 meters. We are planning to replicate it nationwide. The Duterte administration is fully committed in ensuring mobility of vehicles and individuals,” he said.

Villar added, “I think it is important that we make an infrastructure hindi lang para sa kotse, para din sa pedestrian. This is good example. Our first project that would incorporate also the infra for pedestrian traffic.”

“With this highway, the traffic from Edsa and C-5 will be greatly reduced,” Villar said.

According to DPWH-National Capital Region (NCR) Director Melvin Navarro, the bike lane are being planned, as for the Laguna Lake Highway it could be considered as an attraction since it is near a lake.

“Building bike lanes is part of the consideration in all our new structures, mga bridges, we are doing a highway in Bacolod that would incorporate bike lanes,” he said. “For two reasons, for pedestrian. For our environment. To give people option na pwede mag bike, especially in this area katabi ng lake. So pwede maging attraction ’yung highway,” Navarro added.

“Most major cities they are open to that movement. Kasi hindi naman lahat may kotse. ’Yung iba kung gusto mag lakad, mag bike infra na makakatulong sa mga pedestrian, encourage sa healthy living, exercise. That is also being encouraged, that is also improving the quality of life,” Navarro said.

“We would coordinate with the MMDA, we are idetifiying areas na maganda para sa bike lane,” Navarro said.

This big project would reduce travel time from Taytay in Rizal to Bicutan in Taguig by about 50 percent.

Source:  businessmirror

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    Ngayon maiba naman. Projects na kapaki-pakinabang at iradications of all contra fellows na walang ginawang makabuluhan!!


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