Duterte to PSG: My enemies want me killed, please protect me

Photo from Politiko

“In your hands I trust my life and my family’s.”

President Rodrigo Duterte gave this message to new Presidential Security Group (PSG) commander Col. Lope Dagoy, his top military aide.

“The incoming PSG Commander Colonel Lope Dagoy will have his hands full. I am confident that his outstanding credentials and considerable experience will enable him to lead the PSG effectively,” he said.

“I fully entrust the protection of myself and my family to him and to the entire PSG,” Duterte added.

“As the lead agency tasked with the protection of the President and the first family, the PSG will have to deal with a variety of threats,” he said.

“In the nine months that I have been in office, I have pursued measures that affected many personalities. While these have enabled me to help our people, these actions also made me many enemies,” Duterte said.

“There are those who were upset by the administration’s reforms. There are those whose lives have been affected by our people’s war against crime, corruption, and the illegal drugs. These are the people who do not wish to see me or the Philippines succeed,” he said.

Source:  Politiko

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