Sharon Cuneta defends Kiko Pangilinan from critics

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Megastar Sharon Cuneta in her Facebook post, she defended her husband Senator Kiko Pangilinan from his critics by praying over them.

Senator Pangilinan, who is part of the Liberal Party, has made headline for his criticism of the current administration.

Sharon Cuneta wrote a prayer for the critics of her husband to see him in a different but positive way.

Read her full post below:

“Just got home from HK tonight. Had only 3 short nights, but I must say God used this time for our marriage and our love for each other to be renewed. We made it a point to not call any of our friends in HK, as we wanted to be alone, just the two of us, and rediscover each other. During this trip, I was reminded more of why I fell in love with my husband. We stayed at the Island Shangri-la, where twenty-one years ago almost, we stayed for our short but sweet honeymoon. :-) Thank You, Lord for this time You gave us two. Sometimes I may think my hubby's a "dork" -- one of my terms of not always endearment for him! But he is MY dork, and I wouldn't have it any other way.”

“Lord, I pray that someday soon, You will allow people who are so quick to judge, the chance to see just how pure my husband's heart and intentions are for the country. That he, like You have taught us, wants only justice and fairness. That we have NEVER benefited financially -- not even a peso added to our pockets in all the years he has been a public servant -- but instead have done nothing but give -- not just of our treasure, but our sacrifices, our hearts, our souls. May people come up to our children someday to say only how Kiko has impacted their lives positively; how proud they should be to have such a Godly and upright man for their father, no matter his imperfections as a human being. Thank You Lord, for my husband. I have known good men in my lifetime, but just as I prayed for, You seem to truly have given me the ONE who was meant for me -- with the best heart, and with the most love for my battle-scarred little heart. May we, no matter what other trials we may go through, last forever. In Your most precious name, Lord Jesus, I pray. Amen. :-)”


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