Falcis predicts Duterte in 5 years: Dadaigin pa si Adolf Hitler!

Lawyer Jesus Falcis from Far Eastern University (FEU) believes that a decade passed, President Rodrigo Duterte may break the record of Adolf Hitler from a charismatic leader to a dictator.

 “It took Marcos more than 5 years before he declared martial law and became a dictator,” Falcis said.

“Duterte? Probably in less than 5 years,” he quipped.

Falcis’ status message accompanied a post by former Akbayan party-list Rep. Walden Bello in which he noted that the mass killing of drug suspects was just the first stage in Duterte’s “project.”

“Now unfolds the second stage, the violation of civll and political rights, the first stage having accomplished its task of terrorizing the country into paralysis and submission,” Bello said.

Source: politiko


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  2. APRIL 30, 2017 AT 6:40 AM
    Violation of civil rights ng mga criminal?. What about the civil rights ng matitinong tao na na viviolate din. Patas ba ang contention mo. Which should be given weight? Ano ang justification mo para protectahan ang civil rights ng mga criminal?ReplyDelete


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