Habang sinisiraan ng Dilawan: Duterte receives praised from different nationalities in Middle East

Photo from rappler

While President Rodrigo Duterte is being criticized in his own country, many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and also from middleeastern were amazed by braveness of Duterte and his love for his country.

Media Companies in Saudi Arabia covered the meeting between President  Duterte and the Saudi Royal Family.

Saudi Arabia media also posted the photos of the Saudi King and Prince together with the Filipino leader.

The photos of President Duterte’s visit in Saudi Arabia went viral and earned praised from different nationalities.

Mdm Sjumat expressed his high respect to the Filipino President and believes that Duterte walks the talk.

Naseer Ahmed, praised President Duterte for courageously solving the decades of conflict in Mindanao Region.

Nektarios Foteinakis from Greece labeled President Duterte as one of the most powerful leaders and he’s proud with the Filipino people who voted for Duterte.

Muath Abed, a Jordanian said that President Duterte is the best President of the Philippines.

The visit of President Duterte in Saudi Arabia became productive and he announced that many OFWs who illegally staying in the kingdom will go home soon because of the amnesty program of King Salman.

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