Kasalanan ng batas ni Kiko: Duterte says Kiko copied only half of US Criminal Code

President Rodrigo Duterte said that Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s Juvenile Justice Act created a generation of criminals by raising the age of criminal responsibility from 9 years old to 15 years old.

“We produced a generation of criminals. Whatever was the crime: rape with homicide and robbery; robbery with rape, homicide; or homicide, rape. Below 15 years old, they are not even detained even for a minute. It was a shortsighted. It was a disaster because we have produced a generation of criminals now who were the minors before who went in and out of prison without even lectured on the sense of responsibility or accountability,” said Duterte.
Duterte said the main flaw in Pangilinan’s law was that it only copied one half of the US Criminal Code from where it was based as it did not have provisions on how to reform criminal minded youth offenders.

“The disaster started with Senator Pangilinan. He was the one who copied that legislation from… Because in America, yes they are not in prison, but they are sent to correctional facilities. Here in the Philippines, it was not the same because the legislation failed to provide the remedy after the arrest. They have been rounded up, arrested. Serious crimes and sometimes a neighbor raping a neighbor and then when he’s out, he would shout: ‘I’ll rape you again’,” he added.

“That created the lawlessness, the Pangilinan law. I chose to keep quiet because he’s a friend. But if you ask me, who is responsible for the lawlessness now of these — well, grown-up gangsters now. They were the ones who vented out,” he said.

“You copy something — but you copied but you did not copy all because you should’ve provided the billions needed to place them in correctional just to be lectured on responsibility and — the duties because of…that is what you get for copying somebody else’s Criminal Code,” he added.

Source:  politiko

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  1. This is one blatant example of political stupidity in the highest level the pangilinan law! Basta lang makagawa ng batas kahit may butas bahala na para sikat. Fuckl this asshole kiko pangilinan.


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