95 out of 105 countries convinced no EJKs in Philippines

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Ninety-five out of 105 countries that attended the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland were convinced that extra judicial killings (EJK) is non-existent in the Philippines.

The Philippines received congratulatory messages as they noted that this is the first time they heard that the figures reaching them were “spoiled and rotten information.”, DILG Assistant Sec. Epimaco Densing, said 

"One hundred and nine countries committed in the UPR... All 95 countries who prepared their intervention congratulated the Philippines for improving human rights situation the past five years," Densing said.
Densing said they have already explained that the total number of killings is the summary of all the cases including homicide and murder cases.
"They were in a neutral tone. In fact, the 95 countries didn't say that we should discontinue our anti-drug campaign. They only mentioned that we should review the EJKs in the country. They never said that we should stop the campaign," he added.
Asked who supplied distorted facts and figures to international human rights organizations, Densing said they picked up the reports from local media.
"The problem is we give the facts and figures but local media is not reporting our side,” Densing pointed out.
He likewise reported that the European Union, after Senator Alan Cayeteao explained the government side, vowed to help the Philippines by constructing halfway centers.
“Japan was the only country who committed to help the Philippines to rid out illegal drugs,” Densing noted.
The Philippine delegation trip to Geneva last week was fruitful and a big success because we had opened the minds of the international community that we do not tolerate EJK.

Source:  pna.gov.ph

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  1. It's jst mostly d opposition who painted black in d present PH adm. ´coz they hve huges anomalies/hidden agendas that most of which r unlawful acts against PH laws & regulation in which d present PRRD's adm r immensely cleansing out.


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