Acosta slams CHR: Kung iimbestigahan ang pagkamatay ng Abu Sayyaf, unahing imbestigahan ang pamumugot ng mga bandido!

Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Persida Rueda Acosta castigated the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) for seemingly promoting the activities of terror group Abu Sayyaf by launching an investigation into the death of one of its members at the hands of the police.

Acosta said, if the CHR can probe the Abu Sayyaf members’ death, it must also not forget the terror group’s atrocities, such as the beheading of its captives.
“Ang suggestion ko sa CHR, kung iimbestigahan nila ang mga napatay na Abu Sayyaf during encounters o kaya in the hands of law enforcers during their detention, imbestigahan din sana nila yung mga sitwasyon na ang Abu Sayyaf namumugot ng ulo, pumapatay at kondenahin din nila ang Abu Sayyaf, para patas po,” Acosta said.

“Kasi baka ang maging dating lang — pasintabi sa CHR — mas palalakahin mo ang advocacy ng Abu Sayyaf kesa sa advocacy ng pulis.” She added.

Like Acosta, critics of the CHR say the commission must also investigate violations to the rights of state actors, such as the police and the military.

However, some said CHR must serve as a safeguard against abuses committed by state actors.

Source:  abs cbn

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