Drilon says minority bloc won’t question martial law before SC

“I don’t want na mabahiran ng pulitika. This is a constitutional issue.”

“This is the first time to my knowledge, to my knowledge, that that provision of the Constitution will be tested. Let the legal scholars study it,” Drilon said.

“We will support any effort to go to the SC. There are certain rules we are aware of.”

“We (minority bloc) have been asked whether we should go to the SC. My personal view is ayaw kong mabahiran ng pulitika.”

“Let the other legal scholars do it. That’s my view given the very tense environment that we are in today, very partisan. We don’t want that any case with the SC will be tainted with partisanship because it’s a constitutional issue and we want it to remain that way,” he explained.

Source:  Politiko

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