Panamanian praises Filipinos as the “best seafarers in the world”

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“Filipinos are the best seafarers in the world.”

This was according to Panamanian ambassador to the Philippines, Rolando Guevara Alvarado.

“Filipino seafarers are hard workers. They do adapt to the different scenarios. That is why they are preferred by ship owners,” Ambassador Alvarado said.

In fact, the Panamanian embassy registers more than 200 Filipino seafarers in a day.

“The reason why the Panamanian embassy is here, it’s because of the shipping,” he said.

Panama has the largest merchant marine fleet in the world.

The Ambassador explains how many shipping companies value Filipino seafarers.
“Many probably do not know how important is the seafarers are here,” he said.

“Filipinos are the largest seafaring workforce. They do adjust to the different environments. And on top of that, they speak English,” Alvarado noted.

Panama is also a tropical country like the Philippines.

“I feel like home in the Philippines. We are in the same latitude,” The Ambassador explained.

“We have also been under Spanish rule for many, many years,” he said.

 “We had US military bases too. We had them too for many years,” the Panamanian Ambassador said.

“We do things at the last minute, but we do it,” Ambassador Alvarado said.

Ambassador Alvarado also stressed the importance of objectivity in reporting the news.

‘That’s important — to be objective. Media now is so polarized. In the end, people will appreciate it (objectivity),” he said.

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