Wala Kang Karapatan! UP’s David to Duterte: Let the Congress decide if ABSCBN’s should be renewed

University of the Philippines sociology professor Randy David said President Rodrigo Duterte should subsequently let the courts decide over the possible non-renewal of ABS-CBN franchise.

David, who works for both ABS-CBN and the Inquirer, said Duterte’s accusation that there’s a media conspiracy against him is a “paranoid claim.”

“If he thinks the Prieto/Rufino family paid a measly sum for the long-term lease of the government-owned Mile Long and Creekside properties in Makati, he must let the courts pass judgment on this claim. And, if he believes that the ABS-CBN does not deserve to have its franchise renewed when it expires in 2020, let Congress, which holds the power, decide that on the basis of fair criteria rather than on the President’s complaint that the firm “swindled” him when it failed to air his campaign ads after taking payment,” he said.

David said Duterte misunderstands the media’s nature by claiming all are biased against him.

“[T]he operations of these two media firms cannot be reduced to the economic and political interests of the Prieto and the Lopez families that respectively own them. To argue otherwise would be not only to mock the professionalism of the countless journalists who have built these two reputable media companies into what they are today; it is also to be blind to the complexities of today’s mass communication systems,” he said.

Source:  Politiko

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