Disabled beggar in Cavite takes revenge on driver who refused to give him money. What he did will definitely frighten you!

We usually feel bad when we are not able to help out the beggars on the street. However, the beggar in this viral video does not seem to merit any sympathy.

A driver shared his encounter with a disabled beggar in Cavite. He refused to give money to the beggar because the traffic light already turned green. However, the beggar did something nasty when the driver refused to help him.
The video shows the driver and the passenger following a beggar on the street after the latter scratched their car with a sharp object for refusing to give him money.

“MAG-INGAT SA TAONG ITO!!! 3pm, papalabas kami ng SM Dasma, ang lalaking ito na namamalimos, hindi ko na sya nabigyan dahil mag go-go na! at kapag hindi ka pala nagbigay may hawak syang matalim na bagay at gagasgasan nya kotse mo,” the driver of the car wrote.

(Beware of this man! At around 3 p.m., when we were exiting SM Dasmariñas, this guy begged for money. But I did not give him anything because the traffic light already turned green. However, this beggar scratches cars with a sharp object if you refuse to give him money!)

The netizen added that the driver behind him also followed the beggar and confronted him about what he did.

Other netizens theorized that the beggar was just a lazy man who fakes his disability to gain sympathy.

Watch the video below:

Source:  All about the Philippines Facebook

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