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A while back I wrote a few commentaries and warned that what certain "political actors" are doing is not helping the Philippines but harm it more. I lashed at Senator Risa Hontiveros for her intentional attempt to instigate what was happening in the Philippines and her definition of the rebellion and invasion use was wrong, and how her stupidity is an attempt to turn the Philippines into another Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and in my post I also talked about the former Yugoslavia and how it became a mess just like the Middle East.

The act of political actors such as Hontiveros, De Lima, Trillanes and people like them are not for the interests of the public and the world, but for their own self-interests, personal benefits and the benefits of those they have "party loyalty to" and "secret sworn loyalty with," and that sworn loyalty is not to the Filipinos, the Philippines and the Flag that they supposed to be loyal to! Their actions speaks of that.

The people like Hontiveros want to give birth to lawlessness, criminality and corruption, and illegal drugs, crimes, terror, war, ignorance, etc that in marriage with poverty is best for them in order to celebrate their own dominance over the society.

It is with instigation and manipulation of people like Hontiveros, De Lima, Loida Lewis, Trillanes, Robredo, Maria Ressa, and people like them that Sen. Risa Hontiveros and each one of those others like her are able to give birth to fabricated news that approves of disorders, and they do that by "quibbling over semantics" just like the way some "dogs chase their own tail" to just bite and chew on it. Resulting in self-inflicted injury and injuring the society through condemnation and denials. I saw the video that has come out in which paints a wrong image about Marawi and DU30, and I blame it all on Senator Hontiveros and political actors like her.

The facts of Marawi cannot be far from the truth itself that the previous governments in the Philippines had no real intention in bringing peace and solidarity to the Philippines, and the involvements of the criminals and corrupts in the governing of the Philippines and allowing of the infiltration and proliferation of criminality and illegal drugs through narco-politics in all the Philippines by such politicians such as Senator De Lima while she was Justice Secretary is one of the obvious facts in the crisis in Mindanao in the Philippines.

The DU30 (Duterte) government's quick response to the crisis by declaring martial law was the best course of action that reduced the loss of human life and reduction in damage to property and environment. A strategic move that has multiple benefits for the Philippines as many analysts may say.

However the misleading of the public and the world by politicians such as Senator Hontiveros, De Lima, Robredo, Trillanes and their corrupt oligarch owned mainstream corporate media is aimed to create a fabrications that are far from facts!

And then we end up with people such as some millennials who have no actual grasp of history, making videos that further fabricate things, and I will not post such videos which lack substance. In the video he does not talk about how Mindanao became part of the Philippines since the arrival of the Spaniards to the region.

He does not talk about how Mindanao had asked for autonomy to develop Mindanao on their own, and he leaves out the fact that drugs, corruption and criminality ignored by Manila and Aquino administration and foriegn business and political actors did not allow Mindanao to develop by themselves.

He also ignored the fact that the Mindanao has their own tribal culture and governance, and that they did not want to follow the way a centralization of government would benefit the region because they lacked the political infrastructure to select one democratically elected leader to run the entire Mindanao as one unit and not competing principalities, as each one of those provinces is something like a mini City-State like the old Greek states or like the Italy of 14th century, and so each province is something like a mini tribe like Marawi. That is why I keep warning about the possibility of the Philippines turning into something like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria!

In Mindanao, the Philippines turns into something line Afghanistan as each province has a tribal leader who tend to not recognize the other provinces as their friend but as their competitor and thus as their enemy, and that is one of other reasons (not all the reasons) why there is lawlessness, crime, criminality, poverty and of course the mother all evils, the illegal drugs to finance the division amongst the people of Mindanao that is instigated by the outside players and by domestic manipulators such as Senator Hontiveros and her corrupt and criminal friends.

Almost all Filipinos are aware that Ninoy had hand in creating CPP NPA that later it gave birth to MILF, MNLF, etc! In short, each and everyone of the tribes in Mindanao wanted to be autonomous, and foriegn instigators and foriegn contra affair agencies thought to help that a reality - what better way to control and manipulate an entire region than dividing the people against each other, right? The old practical strategy of "divide and conquer", right?

In addition to all those things, he conveniently leaves out why the martial was called out for, and how the terrorists, NPA, abu sayaf, even MILF, MNLF are involved in this whole mess of things, and what the government is doing is to keep the sovereignty and integrity of the Philippines and protect the citizens of the Mindanao region of the Philippines. He also ignored the fact that the region though was given the ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao), due to all the competition amongst the tribes, foriegn caused problems, the lack of political will and leadership by the provisions administration in Manilla, and promotion of criminality, illegal drugs and corruption promoted by narco-politician such as De Lima, etc. they have not able to sustain Mindanao's development.

What I strongly believe is that only a government based on a form of Federalism through a parliamentary model can solve the problems the Filipinos and the Philippines is facing, but there are people like Robredo, Loida Lewis, Hontiveros, Trillanes, Maria Ressa, De Lima, etc. who see the reforms and development in the Philippines as a threat to them which could put an end to their crimes, corruption and illegal drug trade which is the source of their income.

The "Millennials" need to learn more about history before falling traps to fabrication of news by other "millennials" and political actors such as Sen. Hontiveros who play on public emotions and fake on definitions of things and fake on the facts itself for their own benefits. I see that as a definite crime, and I believe that such crimes should bear heavy punishment, because it is done intentionally and is for political and economic gain and not for the benefit of the public and not for the benefit of human liberty!

Most people, especially the foreigners and millennials who don't know much about history and global politics, fall for the quibbling of those political actors and judge based on limited understanding. As J. Michael Straczynski said: "Understanding is a three edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth." So search for all sides of truth before you judge, because "quibbling over semantics by some political actors is like dogs chasing their own tail" as I have said it many times.

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)

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