Instant Karma! G. Toengi, karma ang inabot! Programa niya sa Amerika, kanselado na!

Giselle Tongi Walters, also known as G-Tongi in the Philippines asked her Kababayans to continue her 11 years old daily talkshow in America titled Kababayan Today with G. Tongi.

G Tongi’s show “Kababayan Today” was now cancelled from being aired, and now she is asking donations on her online accounts.

It was said that the network where her show will be air have sold her time slot for the higher bid which caused the actress to gather $20,000 dollars in total.

“Kababayan Today with G. Tongi is currently the only local daily talk show for Filipinos in America. However, with the recent auction of Network Stations nationally, LA18, the Los Angeles station that produces Kababayan Today has sold it’s broadcast spectrum & will unfortunately be ending all local programming for the Asian American Community, which includes Chinese, Korean & Filipino content. The show, Kababayan Today offficially goes off the air for broadcast on June 30, 2017 after 11 years of serving the Filipino community in America.” Tongi said in her GoFundMe page.

“By raising $20,000, Kababayan Today will be able to cover the initial carriage fee for broadcast for a year to air existing content. More funds are needed for production costs to continue producing new and exciting segments however, the minimum to keep the program running is this initial amount of $20,000,” she said in her page.

o encourage her fans to donate, she created some gimmicks and she would give you are reward if you donated a bigger amount.

These are the rewards that she announced in her GoFundMe page:

$50 – Salamat Level: Donate this amount and Host & Producer G.Tongi will send you are personal thank you card in the mail with an autographed photo

$100 – Farewell Fiesta: Donate this amount for a ticket to join us on July 7, 2017 @ the Bradley Tower in Los Angeles for a lunch reception prepared by “Chopped” Chef Charleen Caabay

$150 – Commercial: Donate this amount and we will broadcast your 30 second commercial during the program’s commercial break.

$400 – Meet & Greet: Donate this amount and Host & Producer G.Tongi will make a personal appearance for a meet & greet at your event.

$500 – Brought to U By: By donating this amount, we broadcast four 30 second commercials of your event/brand during the commercial break with a “Brought to you by” Voice over mention

$1000:Donate this amount and we will feature your brand, business or event in an integrated segment on Kababayan Today for broadcast

$2000 – Feature Credits: Donate this amount and have your name featured in the rolling credits of every show for broadcast for a month

$3000 – 30 for $3000: Donate this amount and we broadcast your 30 second commercial 30 times during the month.

$800 – Host my Event: Donate this amount and Host & Producer G. Tongi will appear at your event and will offer her professional hosting services.

G Tongi became known in social media because of belittling and insulting Mocha Uson during President Duterte appointment to her as MTRCB board member where she says that Mocha wasn’t qualified because she was a former “sex guru” and insisting that Mocha isn’t capable for the job.

Watch the video below:


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