Itaga mo sa bato! President Duterte on Marawi Siege: We will not lose this war

President Rodrigo Duterte expressed confidence that the Philippine Government will emerge victorious in the ongoing siege in Marawi City.

“Sa gobyerno tayo, hindi tayo matalo. Not in a million years na matumba tayo,” Duterte said.

The Chief Executive stressed that it is “impossible” for the military to lose in Marawi citing the bravery and determination of the Armed Forces in fighting the local terrorist groups.

“Pagbalik ninyo, doblado na ang gamit, ubos ang kalaban. Kaya natin ‘to,” he said.

Duterte gave financial assistance to the wounded soldiers and reiterated his plan to set up a P50-billion trust fund for the education of their children.

“Ang problema nito 'yung spillover. That is why we have to declare martial law in entire island of Mindanao because they can run everywhere and anywhere, and they can always find sanctuary and solace kasi distributed tayong lahat,” he said.

He insisted that the siege was not fueled by religion but by illegal drugs trade.

“I have ordered the military and the police to strike hard against the drug people kasi kasama na sila sa rebellion. Ang rebellion was financed by drug money,” he said.

"It has nothing to do with religion. I refused to believe that it is religion that fueled this war. It never has been and it is not now," he added.

Duterte lamented that putting Mindanao under martial law was “not a good thing” adding that waging war against his own people pained him.

“I do not want to fight. I simply cannot wage a war against my own people. I pray that there will be a short period of war activity and we expect it to be over soon,” he said.


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