Mocha blames ‘Dilawans’ for fake news on Aika Robredo’s arrest

In a Facebook post, Communications assistant Secretary Mocha Uson blamed the publication of the fake news report on Vice President Leni Robredo’s eldest daughter Aika Robredo’s alleged arrest in the United States on ‘Dilawans’ or people supportive of the Liberal Party.

“Take note FAKE NEWS po ito. Patibong po ito ng mga dilawan para akusahan ang mga DDS ng Fake News. Wag po basta-basta mag share. At pag may nabasa kayo sa inyong mga kaibigan sabihan niyo po na fake news ito. At pag may nag share din i-comment niyo po na Fake News po ito.” Mocha said.
Faith Cabanilla, a netizen shared this in Mocha Uson Facebook page:

#PagtawagSaMgaMatanglawin: This is an example of a circulating fake news to attack the DDS with their anti-fake news law as warned by Atty. Tom Berenguer. Don't fall for it! Do not share it. They want to accuse and blame the DDS for proliferating fake news.

Please check and verify the news site. The real Fox News website is - Para lang yung - Hindi rin totoo ang laman. is known as a satirical site. If you are going to share something from it, please cite it as your source. One such story is Trillanes suing the BBC. Satire po ito.

Let us look out for each other. If you see a fellow DDS share fake news (unknowingly -di sinasadya- or without a disclaimer that it is unverified -hindi sya sure kung totoo), kindly inform them through PM or comment po agad. We must help each other through these Yellow attacks again.

Maraming salamat po! ❤

#FakeNews #GalawangDilaw

#KapitKamay #ForTruth

* Thanks, Mhar, for the image.

The fake news was posted by the website, a copycat of the American broadcast company Fox News website.

Aika Robredo is currently in the US for her postgraduate studies at Harvard University.

Mocha Uson urge the public to tell their friends who shared the article that it is fake.

Source:  Mocha Uson FB

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