Sara Duterte puzzled by Hontiveros statement on Marawi: “Parang spokesperson siya ng mga terorista”

On Wednesday senator Risa Hontiveros explained during an interview that the situation in Marawi City is not enough to declare martial law in the whole Mindanao island. She also said that the action of the government to resolve the crisis in Marawi is overkill.

“Strictly speaking, hindi yan rebellion ng Marawi, infact kapag tinanong mo yung ibang mamamayan sa Marawi ayaw nila sa Maute hindi sila yung nag re-rebel against the national government,” senator Hontiveros said in the interview.

Davao City Mayor ‘Inday’ Sara Duterte got puzzled by the recent statements of senator Risa Hontiveros avout the Marawi City Crisis and the basis of the declaration of martial law in Mindanao.

Mayor Sara said that Hontiveros works for the government that the terrorist are fighting, but it seem that the lady senator slowly becomes the defender of the enemy of the state.

“Question lang sa DOJ, kung rebellion ang crime and this woman [Hontiveros] is saying it is not rebellion, are her words encouraging them to commit the crime? And so it becomes abetting rebellion? She works for the government that the terrorists are fighting… paki explain beh. Wala gyud ko kasabot[hindi ko talaga maintindihan]” Mayor Duterte said.

She also asked if Hontiveros who said that there’s no rebellion happening in Marawi City are encouraging the Maute terrorist group to commit a crime.

“paki explain sakoa ni.. kay murag na siya [Hontiveros] spokesperson sa mga terrorista..[pakiexplain sa akin ito, kase parang nagiging spokesperson siya ng mga terrorista] and why is nobody doing anything about this???

Inday Sara also said that she’s afraid that a senator of a Philippines is trying to defend criminals wether rebel or terrorist.

A commentator explained to the Davao City mayor that the statement of Risa Hontiveros about the Maute Terrorist group is a hoax.

“Anthony Bolger fake news to?? meaning gi dub ang words sa iyaha interview? serious ko ba.. kay makahadlok man gud kung senador unya mudepensa ug kriminal, whether rebel or terrorist. Naa ni tinuod na video? [Anthony Bolger fake news to?? Meaning naka dub lang yung words sa interview niya? Seryoso ako dito kase natatakot ako kat senador dumedepensa ng kriminal, whether rebel or terrorist]” She told one of the commenters of her post.

Source:  Inday Sara Duterte Facebook

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