Teddy Locsin: We Have A Thinking President, Let’s take Advantage

Philippine representative to the United Nations Teodoro Locsin Jr was all praised for President Rodrigo Duterte, Locsin sees that Duterte is tired but will do what he can for real change, or die trying.
Locsin also compares understanding Duterte to reading a complex book, a complex book will influence you long term while reading a simple book will give you shallow and temporary satisfaction.

“If you read simple book, It will bring you immediate pleasure but only a passing and shallow understanding of our complex world” Locsin said.

“I’m saying this because we now have a president who will influence what we reads, and therefor what we think.” he added.

Locsin also said that Duterte might be mistaken for superficiality and simple mindedness, but he is the furthest from that.

“He has lived through the hardest times of our country, he has heard the tattered banners of opposing camps, beating the hurricane winds or our politics and conflicts” he said.

“He speaks little but speaks volumes, he has isolated surprisingly complicated words, shouts of the suffering of out people and speaks faintly of the hopes they are giving up” he added.

Locsin praised Duterte for having the best suggestions to tackle the root problem in our country.

“We have a thinking president, let us make the effort to think as hard as he does” Locsin challenged his audiences “make no mistake, whether he has read the situation rightly or wrongly, he will proceed twat, on the conclusions he has arrived at with much hard thought and deep reflection”.

“So he will not stop, unless we give him a compelling reason to stop, and also a better way to seek to good ends he seeks” Locsin added.

He also sees that Duterte is old and tired but the resolve in him is still shining bright.

“He is old, I sense he is tired, but he is resolve, and while there is breathe in him, not just to talk change like past presidents but make change, and die trying”. Locsin said

“If we do not take advantage of this man’s leadership, we shall miss our last change of real change” are Locsin’s parting words.

Source: Mindanation


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  2. what in the world happened to you teddy boy. you used to be a better, wiser person. you seem to have lost all your good qualities. with good people like you turning for the worst, this country will die much sooner than we think. #stillhoping

  3. Duterte plays his opponent within his rules. He uses basic rules of game but in his terms. The reason he is winning every game he played so far, is because the majority of people wants change and his method is so ordinary but realistic with true intentions in it. He may not know all the answers but the majority of people is so forgiving because they respect him due to his achievements in Davao. He is genuine. His opponent may think he is careless but his carelessness has purpose. He wants to see how his opponents reacts first and every reaction they take he has already have a set reaction that he has prepared for it. Street smart and wisdom mixed with humour and it is very annoying for his opponents. They get frustrated and drives them to make more mistakes. The truth will set you free, is one of basic rules that he follows very well. You can not make mistake when you are truthful to yourself and to others. If your intentions are good, even if you made a mistake people will forgive you easily. Another reason why his opponent could not beat him is they use deception and lies and forgot that the people who are watching them have already seen their games. They look really ridiculous and childish. It gives me ghost bumps every time Trillanes, Dilima and Aquino speaks. Six Liberals members are trademark of lies and dumbness. Every time these people opens their mouths you can tell it is another lie. I don't think they know that people are laughing at them. I also observed that most of the Liberal Party thinks they are really smart because of what they pulled in the past years. Deceiving people, using lies and violence to silence their opponent. They do not realise that the game has now changed and they are still playing their old tricks. They all appear dumb or are they all dumb politicians? None of them seems to be really smart. From the top to bottom rank they are all the same, stupid, but evil. But be careful they might start using violence against Duterte's administration once they ran out of dumb ideas. Locsin pointed very good and accurate observations. Good on you.

  4. Pardon me, they are already using violence in Marawi.


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