Be Fair! Airport workers shakeup after Gretchen Barretto, Atong Ang getting VIP treatment

Two noted personalities, Gretchen Barretto and gaming consultant Atong Ang getting VIP treatment from facilitators as they flew home Sunday night has gotten the Bureau of Immigration chief all worked up.

Ang and Barretto were seen with a retired policeman as escort last Monday evening (July 3).
The escort was identified as SPO4 Ciriaco Peralta, who was also described as “a media practitioner” and employee of a high-end retail store.

Peralta a pass from the Pass Control Office when he arrived at the airport to fetch Ang and Barretto at NAIA Terminal 1.

An order from Atty. Jaime Morento, with a warning to violators, that henceforth no form of ‘VIP’ facilitation by BI personnel will be allowed.

The order covers the Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s terminals and all other international airports.

Morente warned employees to stop providing “escort” assistance to arriving and departing passengers.

They are barred from facilitating even text or pgone calls, the processing of “VIP” just to speed up their passage through the immigration counter.

The report confirmed that VIP treatment was accorded the gaming executive Ang, who arrived on the same flight as actress Barretto.

Morente said he’ll ask airport manager Ed Monreal to investigate the incident.

The BI has started imposing a strict “no travel facilitation, no loafing and no loitering” policy.

Source:  Interaksyon

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