Daughter of trial justice slams Agot Isidro

Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, a daughter of a former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice, slightly anger with Agot Isidro after she criticized President Duterte saying he is psychopath.
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Lorraine defends President Duterte through a Facebook status.

Read the complete post below:

“There is something patently tragic about a person who loves her chains and has no idea, not a clue that she does.”

“Like an abused wife who stays with a partner who rapes her and beats her up, Agot Isidro loves her oppressors and tells this president who thinks too highly of the Filipino people, the one who has decided he no longer wants to lick Uncle Sam’s ass the way ALL other presidents before him did-- “Where do you get off thinking us better than we really are? Third world lang tayo. THIRD WORLD! And don’t you forget it!”

“Ayaw naming magutom.”

“Ms Isidro would like to exchange our sovereignty, our dignity, our chance at self-determination for the crumbs thrown our way by her masters, the super powers. And once thrown, she wants us to grovel our thanks at their feet.”

“Fearful, always fearful--- at the possible loss of those who have treated us no better than trash and then have the gall to call this relationship ‘friendship’.”

“And she would have us believe that freedom and sovereignty are nuisances not meant for us because we’re, you know, third world. What was the president thinking we were worthy?”
“Kung makapagsalita ka, parang superpower ang pilipinas.”

“Sabi sa “Heneral Luna”, “Wala ba tayong karapatan mabuhay ng malaya?" Alam na natin sagot ni Agot Isidro sa tanong na yan.”

“Sorry Ms Isidro, you are wrong. The president is not alone in his fight for our country‘s self-determination.”

“This story has gotten old with a lot of us---this constant foreign interference, the dangling of aid that then gives them the right to tell us how to run our country, the ransoming of our country’s destiny, the beggar’s posture you seem to not only love but find great comfort in.”

“This has been our country’s story for centuries now.”

“Yet side by side with it, the story of heroes and heroines who pushed back at the dark that engulfed us and didn’t wait for freedom to be handed to them on a silver platter but seized it with both hands.”

“No matter if they had to pay the ultimate price for it. They imagined what cowards like you could not even begin to imagine: a better, prouder Inang Bayan.”

“You owe the freedoms you enjoy now to Filipinos who once had the outrageous courage to believe, against all odds, that we were better than what we had become. And then put their money where their mouths were.”

“I want to be this way.I no longer want the story I grew up with about my country.”

“I no longer want to participate in the the passing on of chains to my children.”

“I will not be the mother who will bind her own daughter’s feet so they remain tiny and useless. I will instead unbound her feet and I will tell her to RUN FREE!”

“I want a song of victory in the lips of future generations of Filipinos.”

“I reject this dirge that is the constant strain you and your band of cowards sing.”

“I am ready to stand by my President and take my country back.”

“And no, Ms Agot, freedom and sovereignty are not impractical matters.”

“The call of the president to imagine ourselves better than what we’ve become—a nation of beggars with arms always outstretched asking for crumbs to be thrown her way—is not foolhardy and stupid.”

“It is, in fact, of great pragmatic value to our country to now take on the cloak of self-determination –as we should have done a very long time ago.”

“Because we have paid through our nose with this colonial beggar mentality that you've become the poster child of. And we’ve paid with the rape and pillage of our country’s resources and we’ve paid with such fearful and chained minds.”

“We’ve paid with the ugly spectacle of Filipinos like you, Ms Isidro, who love their chains and fearfully beg for their oppressors to never leave her and then lash out at a president who would try to unchain her.”

“Ikaw ang forever Third World.”

“Wag mo kaming idamay.”

Source: kami.com

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  1. Wow! Great message hopefully she (agot) can understood the meaning on this.
    Thank you ma'am Marie for this wonderful and meaningful message.


  2. well said madam marie...let us forgive agot for she is just protecting her masters, but the problem is her masters are the uncleaned ones...up to now, her masters can not get over the fact that a local mayor was able to defeat their over-qualified bet...that's the problem with us when we are blinded by our own interest and biases, we think irrationaly...if we really love our country then we unclothe ourselves with our self-vested interest and own biases and move as one to achieve our goal of being an independent country and well-respected member of the world community....


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