Cebuano Lawyer lambasted Leni, anti-Marcos groups: "HINDI BAYANI SI MARCOS"? Gaga! Alam namin hindi siya Bayani

An Open letter of Atty. Regal Oliva, a Cebuano Lawyer, says Vice President Leni Robredo and Anti-Marcos groups to shut up because it’s their fault for lacking the foresight.

Photo from Philstar/Youtube

Atty. Olivia response to Robredo’s quote saying “like a thief in the night”, describing the decision of Marcoses buried at the hero’s cemetery.

Read the full open letter below:

Marcos is NOT buried in secret.

It is covered by LIVE media with Military guards present to honor him. Families and supporters were all there. So where is the secret there?

Just because you were not told of the schedule of his burial, secret agad? Kailangan talagang may matanggap ka na memo?

Saba ka diha!

You claim that Marcos declared Martial Law as a surprise ("like a thief in the night"), and now he does it again in death. HELLO?!? You know that his burial was imminent, you should have prepared for it. Just because di natapos ang Philippine terno mo, para ma talbogan mo si Meldy, galit ka agad?

Shut up ka!

The Marcos family respected due process, they never buried the late Ferdinand before getting a Supreme Court decision dismissing the petition to stop the burial. There was no law that was violated. Nothing is illegal in burying him. A decision was made by the final tribunal.

They could have buried Ferdinand a long time ago - in secret. But they did not. They respected the Filipino people. So now that it is time for him to be buried, can you just at least respect the bereaved family and the dead?

What you can do now is sour grape and shout all you want. Wounds are healing, and there you are mastering the art of being a bacteria by causing more injury to a wounded race.

And you dare shout "HINDI BAYANI SI MARCOS"? Gaga! Alam namin hindi siya Bayani, Ferdinand ang name nya. Go talk to Agbayani and Fernando, silang dalawa ay Bayani.

Tala-tala ka ha.

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Cebuano Lawyer lambasted Leni, anti-Marcos groups: "HINDI BAYANI SI MARCOS"? Gaga! Alam namin hindi siya Bayani Cebuano Lawyer lambasted Leni, anti-Marcos groups: "HINDI BAYANI SI MARCOS"? Gaga! Alam namin hindi siya Bayani Reviewed by TrendStarNews on 7:35 PM Rating: 5


  1. Really great ma'am.tha k you po.god bless you always mam

  2. Etong fake vp na to parang nasakyan ng kaluluwa ni cory kung umasta. instead sana na si FEM pinag aksayahan nya oras nya ay magtrabaho cya gaga sayang lng tax ng taong bayan.


  3. Go, go go... hahaha... tinuod jud! That's what I've been saying about the "secret" and " like thief of the night" issues ... covered by media and coordinated by the people "who should know" so dili secret. Wa lang sya maapil sa "who SHOULD know", so sorry nalang. Dapat listo jud and think 10 steps ahead at all times, that's the thinking of leaders that we need. hehehe...

    1. kelan ba naging bayani si Dictador FEM, yun mga tao, nawawala na lang .basahin nyo ang "CONJUGAL DICTATORSHIP OF IMELDA AND FERDINAND. SINO BA ANG PAPA ni Imelda? sino ba ang papa in BONGBONG M.? si Donald trump ba ? lumandi kasi sa U S ,pati si Donlad Trump naging BF nya,buhay pa si ferdie ha .LOOK AT history of Imelda M sa you tube.

  4. Kasi gusto nilang malaman ang eksaktong araw at oras para makapaghanda sila. Isa sana itong oportunidad para sa mga masasamang tao tulad ni Robredo.

    Leni Robredo wanted chaos, she wanted violence, truncheoning, water cannons and she wanted someone injured and killed and exploit the situation and drag President Duterte all for their evil plans.

    Sorry nalang at naisahan kayo. Kasi mahina nga kayo sa pamumuno.

    Kayo ay mga PALPAK AT WALANG MALASAKIT sa bayan.

  5. LOVELY!!! YOU NAILED IT RIGHT! PERFECT to SHUT UP the big mouth and eyes of this FAKE VP Leni Robredo. KAPAL THE FACE.


  7. That's what you call MEDIA BLACKOUT that even the president does not know about it. A person MUST read between two legs, ehe between the lines to decipher the words of a colleague in the profession. Balik ka uli sa law teview so you can understand the spirit. he he he

  8. Ask ko lang sau kung alam mo, magkano ang binayad ng mga marcos sa bawa't isang supreme court justices na sumang -ayon na ilibing si ferdie sa lnmb?

    1. gaga! mga tao ni Panot mga nakaupo sa Supreme Court....cocomment ka lang patanga tanga ka pa! MAGRESEARCH KA MUNA PARA DIKA NAPAPAHIYA...


  9. A painful slap to Leni.. she looks arrogant at this open letter. My God! I don't know what could Leni's reaction to this. Well, it's true naman. Atty. Oliva nailed it!

  10. So sorry for you Atty oliva, I am not a pro or anti Marcos, Cebuano pud ako Bai pero ang words nga imong gigamit sa open letter nimo are unbecoming of a lawyer murag di gyud ko motoo nga abogado ka kay ang word na "gaga"ay worst expletive deri Manila bisan chimay chimoy deri nga daghan Cebuano di mo puedi tawgon gaga sos ginoo patyon gyud ka ana Ifyou are a lawyer question: di ba slander or libel ni? please answer using your legal stand not palengke tomfoolery

    1. I was just thinking of the same thing. Well, anyone could claim to be anybody in social media. It is libelous as it was written. However, it can't be used in court because she sounded like it is her opinion of the person being talked about. Nevertheless, a lawyer shouldn't be using words like 'gaga' because as you said it is unbecoming of her. True! It was indeed unbecoming of a "lawyer" to write such word.
      It is sad though that social media have been used by callous people. But they should be wary as one day this can also be used as an evidence to sue someone who categorically maligned ones reputation. Kaya konting ingat din. Baka mag backfire. Hehehe

  11. common sense! wala s robredo niyan.
    ang secret ung walang nakakaalam kya nga secret e. meron bang secret n live telecast sa social media. parang ung thief of the night na cnabi mo e ikaw ang gumawa nun. natulog lang kmi sandali ang laki n ng lamang mo sa counting. bago k mag comment tignan mo muna ung sarili mo kung tama b ung binitiwan mong salita. hindi nga nmin alam bka ung pagka atty mo fake din kc wala kang alam sa batas.

  12. Kahit na "palengkera" style, if it drives the message through effectively, mas mabuti na yun. Kesa mag-iingles ka na di mo naman masabi ng straight to the point, at wa epek, wag na lang. kung tinamaan sa "palenkerang" message na ito, e di wow. dilaw ka siguro.

  13. Comment of Karen Hudes at The Guardian

    Karen Hudes
    Your article is disinfo. Ferdinand Marcos is a great hero, and turned down an offer by the Trilateral Commission in order to save the world’s assets held in trust for the world’s people. Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown by the CIA. Erick A. San Juan, a prominent journalist, originally published this story in 1998. San Juan was friends with James Brandon Foley, a CIA Agent in the U.S. Embassy in 1986, when the EDSA Revolution overthrew Ferdinand Marcos. EDSA is named for Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, the street of the CIA and Vatican-engineered demonstrations against Ferdinand Marcos. The story also includes how Ted Koppel and Newsweek tried to destabilize Ferdinand Marcos, how the Mainstream Media ran stories blackmailing the Marcoses, and promises of immigration to the US for striking workers and renegade generals.
    The PCGG is simply the Network of Global Corporate Control (identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich ) trying to steal the world’s assets from the world’s people. That attempt has been foiled many times. The Guardian is owned by the Network of Global Corporate Control and keeps on trying to fool the people. That attempt is no longer working, as only 6% of the people trust the mainstream media any more.
    Meanwhile, the Banking Cartel's propaganda network is running full steam ahead, as if Americans still trusted the media. Actually, for ten years, the majority no longer trusts the mainstream media; and many also realize that most of the alternative media is owned by the Banking Cartel. In reply to The New Yorker Nov 21 . @NewYorker @reddit reddit, that media hoax? LMAO
    More info:

    Copy of the Trilateral Commission's offer to Marcos, which Marcos refused.

  15. Marcos was a war hero until USA discredited him.

  16. It's post truth!

    Many loyalists want historical revisionism because it's reminiscent of Holocaust Denial to justify Martial Law and glorify Marcos Regime and Nazi Regime.

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  18. sunog na naman si Lening mata ha ha ha kada buka ng bibig naghuhukay siya ng sarili niyang libingan.Nagkalat ang mga perpetual idiots sa yellowtard!

  19. no one said he was a hero. mga taong narrow-minded lang push ng push na di sya dapat sa LNMB dahil hindi nga sya bayani, but please, there's no law na ipinagbabawal na doon sya ilibing, he's a PHILIPPINE SOLDIER and that's it. He was one of those soldiers who deserves to be buried there.

    I thought time heal wounds. pero ung iba pagkatpos mghilom ng sugat babakbakin ulit para dumugo ng dumugo tapos ung mga biktima kuno ng ML hihikayatin pa ung mga kabataan na kumalaban sa mga marcos, ano bang alam namin? Bakit ba kasi kayo nag rebelde? wag nyo na kaming idamay sa sama ng loob nyo dahil hindi kayo tinext ni imelda na ililibing na asawa nya.

    hindi naman people power and nakapagpababa kay marcos eh, he was threatened by the CIA, his family was taken and he was forced to stepped down.

    mag move na kayo, it's been 40+ years, yung mga kalupitan ng mga spanish and japanese nakalimutan nyo samantalang mas matindi ginawa nila, pero si marcos di nyo malimutan, gosh

  20. Former President Marcos has the right to buried. But not to anger the whole nation, he should be buried privately. He should not be buried in the Hero's burial ground.

  21. Alam nyo ba gagawin sa taong binangungut??? di ba..sinasampal yan...sagpaa ra gud ..ako na lay sagpa kaha..we respect our late president..kung di xa hero sa inyo..di dili gud..para sa amo???He is a HERO>...cge buaka kay paka jud ka.


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