Filipina Doctor On Free Hospitalization: Digong mylabs, Thank You, I Am Shaking My Head in Disbelief.

Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, one of the diehard fans of President Rodrigo Duterte. In her Facebook post, she expressed her gratitude for making it possible to have a free hospitalization for poor Filipinos by 2017.

The viral post was posted in the Facebook account of Lorraine Marie T. Badoy. In less than a day since it was posted, it has already reached 4, 272 shares and gained 702 commentaries from the netizens as of Tuesday.

In the post, Badoy narrated about the usual scenario that happens to a poor Filipino whenever that person gets sick. She gave a description from the physical look up to the inside.

The netizen also pointed out that the poor Filipinos would only go to a doctor after they have exerted all the means like going to quack doctors and trying medicinal herbs sold in Quiapo Church.

Badoy also narrated in her post how the poor usually gets out of his or her senses when they are suggested of the need to be confined as that person might have no any extra money for the medication.

He stated that ‘this is how it’s been since time immemorial’. However, he expressed his surprise when the announcement of free hospitalization and medicines for the poor hit the surface.

“I am shaking my head in disbelief. How has this come to pass? No Filipino will be turned away from government hospitals because they do not have the money. NONE. NO ONE,” Badoy stated.

He also emphasized that it is the ‘first time’ in the history of the Department of Health that it is in ‘good financial standing’.

“And this got done because the President wanted this done. Willed it to be done… Oh Digongmylabs, I don’t think I can possibly love you any more than I do now. Thank you, thank you,” the netizen further entailed in her post.

Read her full open letter below:

One of the worst things about being a doctor is this: you sit your patient down, examine her and you notice her threadbare clothes, shoes that are worn and cracked, the sad, anxious look. Smell the sour, sweaty smell of someone who took public transport to get to you and walked some distance under the heat of the sun.

And you can tell going to a doctor is not something she does on a regular basis. Just something she does when something really really realllllly hurts—incapacitating, blinding pain not the run-of-the-mill pain that rich folks have checked just because it’s annoying.

They come to you when some body part is bleeding, oozing with some fluid, bent at a real weird angle and has incapacitated her in some real and significant, hard-to-ignore way---usually when it gets in the way of their earning a living. (But if it’s just their sleep that’s disturbed or it it’s just them puking their brains out, they bear it. Bear it. Bear it.)

And they come to you after they’ve exhausted all means--praying to all the saints and to God and to their guardian angels, tried the herbs in Quiapo Church, gone to the village quack who adds more injury on top of the original injury and has thus, made her medical condition even more challenging.

And finally, you find out what it is that ails her and you tell her she needs to be confined and you write out a prescription of life saving medication for her.

And this is where you lose her---the connection you carefully built, shattered because she has tuned you out. She no longer hears you.

Once you start talking about hospitalization, medicines, tests, she is out that door even as she continues to be physically present—but this time, with a distant look in her eyes.

And that faraway look is because she has retreated into that part of her that knows the road ahead for her will be filled with suffering or that she will die soon. Because there is no money for anything extra for the poor. How can there be when they scrounge around for even just where to get their next meal?

They lead such tight, tight lives that cannot tolerate a setback—no matter how minor. Something that might set us back for a few weeks, can mean something they can never climb out of.

And this is how poverty becomes the vicious cycle that traps them for generations—where the only thing they can give their children, besides the life of strife and grief they grew up in as children, is the continuation of this life of endless strife and grief well into their adulthood and until they finally leave this earth—never knowing the joys, the delights we, who are better-situated enjoy. Travel, education, books, good health, good food, the ability to lead the lives of our choosing—empowered, empowering.

And this is how it’s been with us since time immemorial.

And health--like transportation, like education, like shelter, like employment opportunities, etc-- is a social justice issue MORE THAN ANYTHING—and where the lack of it, a most effective weapon that makes sure the poor stay poor for all time.

And then, quite suddenly, on Rodrigo Duterte’s 6th month in office, the announcement is made: hospitalization will be free –and medicines too!--for poor Filipinos.

I am shaking my head in disbelief. How has this come to pass?

No Filipino will be turned away from government hospitals because they do not have the money. NONE. NO ONE. And they can, as CabSec Ubial says, “Leave hospitals with no billings balance.” Let the government take care of that.
Let. The. Government. Take. Care. Of. THAT.

And the Filipino who has, all his life, known nothing but grief from a thieving, inept, indifferent government—deaf to the cries of its people—well, this Filipino is blinking his eyes in disbelief.

“Can you again that please?” “Slowly by slowly now.”

For the first time in DOH’s history, the department is in good financial standing after the Budget Dept paid the arrears of 32 billion from the 42 billion deficits of Philhealth.

And this got done because the President wanted this done. Willed it to be done.

And this is what he told the Sec. “Just take care of the poor, I’ll take care where to find the money.”

Oh Digongmylabs, I don’t think I can possibly love you any more than I do now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My heaped up heart thanks you.
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  1. Iba ka talaga Tatay Digong. Mula simula hanggang ngaun 100% ang paghanga at suporta ko sayo.

    1. It would be much better if you didn't hide yourself behind somebody else's skirt.

  2. I like the presidents answer. Money flowing to drugs and corruption would nicely pay for much of the needed medical treatment. This corruption is called regulatory expense in the United States.

  3. how can you just oust or not not love a cursing president just that when all the while he is only thinking of everyone's welfare? It really takes love and will to get things done, and he has it all. None other past president has it.

  4. My eyes welled up while reading this because I can relate - to the situation of not being able to go to the hospital because you simply can't afford it. I used to be an OFW in the Middle East who has always had the privilege of getting a medical insurance plan from my company. Due to an unplanned return to the Phils, my regular checkup has gone down to the bottom of my priority list: other things come first....

    Salamat President Digong for your genuine desire to alleviate the poorest of the poor! We love you so much ❤️

  5. I prayed to God that you win. And whatever the result of the election is His will. Then he won. And I have faith in God that he is the one. I can only love you too much tatay Digong ❤

  6. Nice piece Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy!

  7. I never knew that seeing hope for a seemingly hopeless situation is a reason for deep tears. I cried because I can finally see a brighter Philippine with happier and healthy Filipinos. God bless the Philippines, God bless Pres. Duterte, God bless the doctors who commit to this program.

  8. I was teary when I read this item! and I realized that Christ the hope of the poor is really coming for a new hope thru our beloved President of all time!

  9. thank you very, Mr. President.

  10. sad to say to that the son of my friend has just passed away due to a heart failure which he never got to see a doctor for financial reason.
    with this presidential declaration, we see a brighter future.

  11. Pinaiyak nyo po ako, Mam Doktora at mahal naming Presidente Digong. Tunay na damang-dama ko ang Pasko sa panahong ito. Lagi sa panalangin ng buong pamilya ko ang ating Presidente at ngayon, kasama na po kayo Doktora Lorraine Marie T. Badoy! Maligayang Pasko po! Mabuhay mo kayo at patuloy na pagpalain ng Panginoong Dios ng karunungang sa KANYA lamang nanggagaling, mabuting kalusugan, at ligayang walang katapusan sa pagganap nyo ng tungkuling nasa inyong mga balikat!Maraming-maraming salamat po sa inspirasyon!

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  13. He is the president who has a real heart for the poor just like Jesus when he was on earth. Jesus was in solidarity of the poor and did healing, feeding, and teaching. these three are the basic need of all people. Digong is doing so. He is looking for some investments from abroad to supply the Filipino basic need.

  14. Thanks Doc for sharing your positive reaction on Pres Duterte' s plan of action to help the Filipino people to avail free hosoitalization of the poor

  15. The President had tried that here in our city (Davao), and he had accomplished some of it. Our government hospital here is crowded with patients and many are from other regions because the service and hospitalization and medications are nearly free. Thing is, the country has to help him. While many think he is obsessed with illegal drugs, he is not. While he is not talking, he works, study and as much as he can make wise decisions. We had seen this man serving us for 20 years. He only has 6 years. Help him serve the entire country.

  16. My tears kept flowing down while reading this letter. Thank you Doktora for this. And to our beloved President, maraming maraming salamat po. Bigay ka ng Panginoon para sa amin. At sa lahat ng mga tauhan nyo Sir President na ginagawa ang kanilang mga tungkulin, maraming salamat po.

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  18. Its sad that people wants to destroy Pres Duterte just because of their own selfish plans, when clearly he has been the only president in the past years who has good intentions in serving Filipinos.

  19. Thank YOU, GOD😆😇😊☺ for our President. Enable his for his pursuit of serving our people, give him all the resources our country and countrymen needed. Help us to be united to rally behind him, cheering him up, telling: we are with you, our Dear President

  20. What a beautifully-written tribute to a hardworking, one-of-a-kind President Duterte--from a rare breed of a medical doctor; one gifted not only with beauty and brains, but a golden heart and sincere, steadfast social conscience! May your tribe multiply, Doctor Badoy. Our country and president definitely need more doctors as kind-hearted, compassionate, and humane like you--to follow-through with his ambitious, but great vision for our country. Mabuhay ka!

  21. Pray always for President for safety, and all the People that they need to be lightened for all these benefits as been offered by the President. Like the phrase? " Take care of the poor, and I will take care where to find money" God bless your good heart, Pres. Duterte. When I was in Baguio City last July, I was attacked with Dengue, didn't like to go to hospital paying expensive fees, just went to a private doctor for blood test and still paid 1200pesos. What's on my mind and prayed hard that I will be well that longing to be back here in London, England to have a check up with my GP as it is free including blood test and hospitalization. Great for Pres. Duterte that this being offered there in the Phil.

  22. Thank you doktora sa iyong napakagandang sulat na iyong inilathala dito at akoy nadala doon sa rurok ng kasiyahan dahil iyong dinitalye ang iyong napapansin sa mga pilipinong nahihirapan na magpagamot (halos 90% 0 sobra pa) at iyon ay totoo. Mayroon pa palang doktora na may ginintuang puso na nagpapahayag ng kanyang napapansin sa paligidligid patungkol sa larangan ng medisina. Malalim at malaman ang bawat hagod ng iyong paghimaymay sa yong nasaksihan dito sa ating bansa. Salamat sa napakagandang mensahe at sana dadami pa ang mga doktor na tulad mo na may malasakit sa kapwa pinoy. Mabuhay ka doktora at merry x mas to you and happy new year to come.

  23. Thank you Dr. Lorraine Badoy... such a hope-filled message. And thank our beloved President Duterte, he's doing everything in his capacity to alleviate the sufferings of most Filipinos... let us always pray for him, support him... and pray for our country that finally we're pulling out of the mire of corruption, lawlessness and poverty.

  24. Superific.! We wish everyone to be healthy, free of any illness. Mabuhay Phil-Health.!


  26. On the other hand, please discourage the poor from being and staying poor... There's always a way to get out of poverty through hard work.

  27. Good piece. A little tip, brush up on your grammar and this would be a great blog.

  28. w0w.. president duterte mabuhay ka.... ^_^ ikaw ang tunay na may malasakit sa bayan at sa mga tao....

  29. A beautiful touching letter that brings out the sentiments of all the poor who, as mentioned, do not have the means to see a doctor even if there is something they know are deadly wrong. I cried reading this letter because I could feel, and I could share the pains of wanting to do something, but cannot afford it. Yes, the country now has a president who is not only feeling, thinking, caring, working for the people but he is loving them all with his heart and he shows it in not just words but in his passionate actions. God bless, Mayor Duterte. We know God is always watching for the country and the people!

  30. I go back to the Philippines almost every year and just flew back to New Zealand on the 19 December and on my way to the airport i heard the good news of free hospitalization and medicines for the poor. This announcement is indeed the best Christmas Gift to our poor kababayans! Mabuhay ka mahal naming Presidente at naway patuloy kang ingatan ng ating Panginoon at bigyan pa ng lakas at katalinuhan sa paglilingkod mo sa mga mahihirap.

    I was impressed also when i arrived at the airport, you can tell the big difference from the previous years. Staff were helpful, service was excellent and you are at peace because walang "tanim bala" to think about.

  31. Tunay na pagbabago, para sa lahat ng Pilipino. Merry Christmas sa lahat!

  32. That is why kahit ano man ang ibalita ng media na ikinapapangit ng imahe ni tatay digong at kahit siraan sya ng mga dilawan ng todo at kahit ng mga kaparian,,hndi pa rin nawawala ang trust at paniniwala namin sa knyang pamumuno,sa dami ng mga naupong presidente Sya lng ang tunay na may concern sa mga Pilipino...

  33. These all emanates from poverty as a result of FAILED GOVERNANCE AND ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT (corrupt government officials).

  34. Hindi ako nagkamali sa pagkampanya sa iyo tatay Digong. Presidente ka ng lahat, sugo ka ng mahal na Diyos para sa sambayanan. Pinahinto mo ang giyera, ugat ng malaking gastos at corruption sa militar, nilunsad ang giyera laban sa droga, lumikha ng kabinite na makatao, honest and in good faith. Ikaw na nga tatay Digong ang the best president ever ng ating bansa.
    Kudos kay Dra Badoy, sana marami pang mga doktor na katulad mo, nagmalasakit sa bayan.

  35. Sana ito na ang umpisa ng pagpili ng nararapat na manungkulan sa ating pamahalaan. Magising na sana ang sambayanan at iboto ang mga nang-galing sa kahirapan na totoong alam ang buhay mahirap.
    Huwag na nating iboto ang mga anak ng mayayaman na hindi man lang nakaranas ang totoong hirap ng buhay at hindi nakakaintindi ng pangangailangan ng maralitang Pilipino.

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    There are 2 sims dba TM at GLOBE? so make sure dinaDIAL or kinaCOPY nyo ang codes sa tamang sim kung anong sim ginagamit nyo! mag parse error po cya if mali ang code. SO DAPAT wala kang dapat eCHANCE or IBAHAHIN sa codes

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  37. Hi, Dr. Lorraine. This is one good post and one good news for the Filipinos. I hope you can write more of the achievements of the government and about other good plans of the administration. Things like this , upon reading, is more optimistic, more hopeful and more promising. Psychologically, to a reader like me, this one gives more encouragement to put my trust to the government despite of some " not so good" news that i read everyday. More power to you and to your office. More of good news please. ��

  38. Hi, Dr. Lorraine. This is one good post and one good news for the Filipinos. I hope you can write more of the achievements of the government and about other good plans of the administration. Things like this , upon reading, is more optimistic, more hopeful and more promising. Psychologically, to a reader like me, this one gives more encouragement to put my trust to the government despite of some " not so good" news that i read everyday. More power to you and to your office. More of good news please. ��

  39. Nice one, it catches my heart. ! Thanks for this Dr.Lorraine Badoy

  40. it bring tears of joy as i read your article thanks


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