‘Bangon Marawi’ Duterte allocates P20-B to rebuild Marawi City

President Rodrigo Duterte gave his word on Tuesday that he would see to it that Marawi would rise from the ruins of war brought about by religious extremists.

"But one thing I will promise you, my brother Moro, I will see to it that Marawi will rise as a prosperous city again," he said.

During his first apprerance in public since last week, announced that government allocated P20 billion to rebuild Marawi City.

President Duterte said he is willing to add more funds to the “bangon Marawi” program if needed just to bring back the destroyed houses and infrastructures in the City.
“As President from Mindanao, alam ko kung ano ang sakit ng puso nyo. Ang masakit sa akin pumasok ang isang fractured ideology. All they want to do is pumatay at mangwasak,” Duterte said.

Duterte asked finance sex. Dominguez that he really needed funds to rebuild Marawi and bring it back to it’s normal condition or better this time.

“I need to rebuild Marawi, kundi I will remain forever na kontrabida. I’m sorry this has to happen. I’m not happy na namamatay ang mga Maranao,” Duterte said.

The President urged Mindanaoans to take care of the people and stood up against extremism. He said people will live in peace the next generation and assured there will be no abuses from government side.

President Duterte stressed his promise to the Filipinos that he would secure lasting peace in Mindanao.

“To our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the violence and conflict in Mindanao, I assure you that the government is committed to securing just and lasting peace in the island,” President Duterte said.

Amid the continuing conflict in Marawi, Duterte said the entire nation stands beside the Muslim Filipino community.

“We will be with you as you rebuild your homes and localities, and as you realize your dreams of a better life,” he said.

The President called for national unity as he extended his greetings of peace for the Eid’l Fitr celebration.

“So let us unite to achieve our common goals. With our solidarity and faith in each other, let us make Mindanao and the Philippines a land of order, stability, harmony and prosperity,” he said.

Source:  CNN Philippines

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