This Martial Law does not include the 'butcher' Fidel V. Ramos

by Jun Avelino

"The Mindanao Martial Law was declared by a President who is from Davao City. It is administered by the Defense Chief who grew up in Parang Maguindanao. The Chief of PNP, General Ronald De La Rosa hails from Digos City who happened to have studied in Mindanao State University, Marawi City. And General Ano who is the personal handpicked of Duterte to head the Armed Forces of the Philippines (the implementor of Martial law) has spent most of his tour of duty in the Eastern Command. It was declared when the Philippine Senate is headed by Senator Pimentel who is from Cagayan de Oro City and the House of Representatives by Congressman Alvarez who is from Davao del Norte. In case Raisa Robles of Rappler has difficulty locating these places out of her sheer ignorance on Mindanao geography, these areas are all in Mindanao.

"Moreover, the Mindanao Lawyers Block has supported the Mindanao martial law declaration. MILF and MNLF are backing it up along with the local government units. And more importantly, majority of the people from Mindanao are happy with it because it spells security for us because we trust our leaders, who, we fully believe will never abuse our human rights being Mindanaoan themselves.

"Now, given all these, tell us why do we defer to the sentiments of the Liberal Party Leadership, Opposition leaders, and anti Duterte forces, based in Luzon who opposed the Martial Law? The Human Rights Activists, cause oriented groups including former Senator Rene Saguisag who are all in their ivory towers in Manila watching us and trying to inject their political agenda over the misery of the people in Marawi? Have you even tried to consult or consider the sentiments of the Mindanaoans before you indiscriminately fire your rant against the government?

"The last time I checked, we never allowed anyone from Luzon to speak for us. We can speak for ourselves so please, fuck off!
Ah, the difference.

"The Martial Law in 1972 was declared by Marcos who happens to be from Ilocos Region, administered by Enrile who hails from Cagayan. But more importantly, the human rights atrocities which claimed tens of thousands lives of Filipinos who were mercilessly killed during the duration of Martial Law were committed by the much dreaded Philippine Constabulary who was headed by no less than, PC Chief Fidel V. Ramos. He was the hitman of Marcos and he has blood on his hands for all the killings perpetrated by the PC including forced disappearances of thousands of Filipinos.

"That’s the main difference folks. In this Martial Law, we do not have a butcher in Mindanao like Mr. Ramos. He became the country’s President out of political opportunism when he rode on the EDSA revolution where he gained prominence for abandoning Marcos whose power was already declining then. But for the life of me, I cannot imagine, with all his dark records during martial law, this animal will have the guts to come forward and attack Duterte for declaring Martial law in Mindanao for fear of abuses? What is doubly, disheartening and triply disturbing is when human rights activists like Rene Saguisag, et als, joining Ramos’ in criticizing the Martial law declaration!

"They say, “birds of the same feather fuck together”. That’s how we can best describe the relationship between the human rights abuse victims and their abuser during Marcos martial law.

"We Mindanaoans are now busy flushing the terrorists out of Mindanao and I hope, if cornered, they have no other recourse but to run to Manila where you can give them refuge. And once they start their terroristic activities in your doors, I hope you will not beg for Duterte to place Luzon in the state of Martial Law. And if he does, rest assured, the people from Mindanao, will never ever use placards to express our opposition to it.

Because we, Mindanaoans, are not stupid!

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