Robin claims dragon tattoo is reason he couldn't leave PH: 'Baka pati ako TRIAD narin'

In the past session in the senate, tattoos especially dragons have gained attention not only with the senators but have spread its popularity in the Philippines.
Where in the last week hearing of the drug issue of the bureau of customs, presidential son and vice mayor Paolo Duterte was invited for investigation that in the session, senator Antonio Trillanes III claimed that the president’s son is a member of a notorious Asian organized crime ring called the “triad.” 

The proof of membership to this organization is a Dragon Tattoo which stands for the symbol of the triad in which the dear senator claimed that Paolo Duterte has one on his back. 

Filipino action star robin padilla, on this very unfortunate time, posted that he was stopped from travelling to china, where he was invited by the sultana of Sulu for a thanksgiving celebration of the sultanate of sulu and Chinese friendship.

The actor was stopped/hold by the bureau of immigration for reasons he does not know and quoted “sa hindi maipaliwang na pangyayari ay hindi ako makakaalis ng bansa dahil ako ay may hold order sa bureau of immigration,”The actor then pointed out the confusion and was puzzled of what possible reason could he be held since he was already given the absolute pardon by President Rodrigo Duterte whereas he was able to travel with ease during the time he was only bestowed with a conditional pardon by Former President Fidel V. Ramos. 

The actor then on his post speculated the reason why he was held by the Bureau of Immigration and said “wala naman akong makitang dahilan maliban sa TATTOO ko na dragon…” then he added himself to the issue regarding the triad tattoo which was the reason Sen. Trillanes called for and accused the presidential son and Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte as part of the said group and quoted “baka pati ako TRIAD na rin.. naku po naman baka ipatawag pa ako ng senado abay hindi ko kayo tatanggihan game ako dyan ….”

Yet the Bureau of Immigration disproved the claim and statement of the actor in an Inquirer report where atty. Maria Antonette Mangrobang, spokesperson of the bureau of immigration emphasized that all orders that were against Padilla were already lifted as he was granted the Then added they that the Bureau of Immigration Port Operations Division in the recent days have no records of travel nor Padilla passing through the immigration for departure.

Source:  Rappler
Robin claims dragon tattoo is reason he couldn't leave PH: 'Baka pati ako TRIAD narin' Robin claims dragon tattoo is reason he couldn't leave PH: 'Baka pati ako TRIAD narin' Reviewed by TrendStarNews on 1:23 PM Rating: 5

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