Taxi driver na hinoldap ni Arnaiz: 'Stage play o scripted yung pagkapatay'

In a press briefing in the City of Quezon, Tomas Bagcal, the taxi driver narrated his story and said that the narrative of the police of Caloocan were on the killing of the 19 year old, Carl Angelo Arnaiz as “Scripted.”

"I saw someone walking ahead. Then I heard several gunshots, after that, I saw that the person who robbed me was already dead. But the manner that they killed him seemed staged or scripted," Bagcal said.

Under the custody of Rise Up for Life and for Rights, a religious group of church people networked advocate of human rights against drug related extra judicial killings and violations the Bagcal, spake out after keeping himself silent on the issue of the killing of Arnaiz. 

Bagcal narrated in the press briefing that with the help of by standers he was able grab a hold of the robber and brought the said robber to the police station alive and also wanted him to undergo inquest (investigation) proceedings.

Then he added that after some hour, the person who robbed him was already killed which he positively identified as the same person was then identified as Carl Angelo Arnaiz.

Bagcal mentioned that he was able to remove the hood of his jacket grabbing him while arnaiz was being mangled then at the police station on the 9th avenue in Caloocan City, the police officers requested him to follow them with his taxi along C3 road having no clue of the reason why. 

"When I grabbed him while he was being mauled, I was able to remove the hood of his jacket," he said.

He then narrated that he saw someone walking ahead and then in a moment heard he several gunshots and because of his fear for his life hid himself behind an electric post then saw the person who robbed him dead. Then he added that it seemed that the manner killing arnaiz was scripted.

The narration was a completely different from the words of the Caloocan police where Arnaiz was by chance seen by the operatives PO1 Jeffery Perez and PO1 Ricky Arquilita, after the robbery with bagcal while doing patrol traded shots that lead to the killing of arnaiz on the spot.

Bagcal also pointed out that he did not made nor had any legitimate affidavit and made mention that his two affidavits were not real statements he made. He stressed out that at the time he brought Arnaiz to the Station, the officers only did asked him basic personal information (name, age, birtdate) and asked for the taxi’s original receipt and certificate of registration.

He also made mention of the fact that only one person did rob him which was Arnaiz that time disputing the the first affidavit where the police caught up Reynaldo de Guzman who was with Arnaiz in their neighborhood in Cainta, Rizal. The 14 year old de Guzman was then found in Nueva Ecija, in Gapan, last week having 28 stabbed wounds with his head wrapped in packing tape.

The Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) conducted an autopsy and a crime scene search where PAO led to the conclusion that the crime was staged and the autopsy report showed that bruises were seen on the wrist of Arnaiz, that appeared to be caused by had cuffs that Bagcal also cleared that in the police station, Arnaiz was not handcuffed.

Bagcal also contradicted the statements where the policemen PO1 Perez and Arquilita where with Darwin Canete (Caloocan Prosecutor) during the patrol making mention that after Arnaiz was killed, it was when Prosecutor Canete arrived.

Source:  Inquirer
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