Lagman: Duterte threat of revolutionary govt based on 'imagined fears'

In an interview aired on PTV-4 last Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte threaten that once leftist and his critics still continue their destabilization plan in the country to oust him, he will declare a revolutionary government that will be in place until the end of his term where leftist will be arrested.
“If there’s destabilization, do not be a part of it. Because if I think that it becomes true and you are a part of that and it begins to tilt the ship of state, diretso niyo ginagawa, I will declare martial law. Or, hindi na, huwag na lang martial law. Revolutionary government,”

“Mag-declare ako ng revolutionary government, period. And I will declare — I will clear the streets and I will declare all government positions vacant. You can start to criticize, but just remember, pag nag — gumanon ito, the shift of state tilts or tilting, I won’t have the qualms. I was elected by the people. And if I sense that the country is about to go overboard, I will declare revolutionary government.” he added.

Meanwhile, Albay first-district Rep. Edcel Lagman said President Duterte’s threat to declare a “revolutionary government” has no constitutional basis and “is based on imagined fears.”

“A revolutionary government is the result of a successful people’s uprising or revolt overthrowing an incumbent President and his subalterns like the EDSA People Power revolution,” he said.

“It is not a product of a self-serving declaration of a sitting President ostensively to retain and prolong the exercise of powers and ‘crush’ perceived enemies of the state,” said Lagman,

The Magnificent 7 leader said there are no destabilization plots or serious threats from the Left and political opposition.

“What is current is critical dissent to protest and prevent the President’s destruction of democratic institutions like derogating the independence of the Ombudsman and the Supreme Court Chief Justice, among others,” he said.

Lagman said, “The attempt to constitute a ‘revolutionary government’ is to avoid Congressional intervention and rejection which is constitutionally mandated when martial law is declared by the President.”


Source:  Politiko
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