Drug queen earned P20 M a month

A Taiwanese national was arrested in the buy-and-bust operation conducted by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) at Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) in Mandaluyong on November 6 at 4:30AM.
The Taiwanese “Drug Queen” was identified to be Yu Yuk Lai, the mastermind of Shabu trade inside the correctional using pantyliners to hide the drugs.
In the investigation run by the PDEA, they found out that Yu was earning P20 million, which was P5 million a week, from the illegal drug trade in the said correctional institution, according to the Special Enforcement Service Director of the PDEA Levi Ortiz through a phone interview.

“What we know is she receives money every week. Our conservative estimate is P5 million,” Ortiz said.

Aside from Yu, her daughter Diana Yu Uy was also arrested the same day at 7AM at GY J Condominium in San Miguel, Manila.

Diana is a rice supplier at the said institution and alleged to be the drug operator and distributor for Yu outside the jail by hiding packets inside sacks of rice and other items like panty liners sent to the detention facility.

The investigation for Yu and Diana is still ongoing but this time, they included Police Officer 3 Walter Vidad, Diana’s security escort from the Police Security Protection Group (PSPG), to determine if he has contribution in the illegal drugs trade. 

Vidad denied the accusation against him according to Ortiz.

Based on the record showed, Vidad has been Diana’s security escort since 2015 aside from Police Officer 2 Faisal Sawadjaan, wherein she added that they asked for protective security in 2010 after she and her sister were kidnapped in 2006 in Mandaluyong.

Diana asked for and received protective security in 2010 after she and her sister, Joann, were kidnapped in 2006 in Mandaluyong.

As response to the question asked if lapses were committed as they provided security to Yu’s daughter, PSPG director Chief Superintendent Joel Crisostomo refused the allegation and said that there are no fees for the services of policemen detailed as security escorts.

They teams were able to recover 27 pantyliners stuffed with Shabu and different blocks of crystal, which is still under the investigation of the PDEA. The empty and unused capsules were recovered inside the cell of Yu Yuk Lai.

Within almost one month of surveillance-undercover operation conducted by the PDEA and BITAG inside the Drug queen’s cell, she was able to successfully sell the drugs stuffed inside the pantyliners for three times in separate test buy to the PDEA undercover.

At 7AM, with the help of the issued search warrant, the PDEA raided the house of Dianne Yu Uy, Daugher of Yu Yuk Lai and a supplier of rice at Women’s Correction in Mandaluyong, who is their suspect as the operator of Lai outside the jail.

The PDEA and PSG are still investigating the incident.


Source:  philstar.com
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