Cops are also being minitored after vaccinated with Dengvaxia

After Sanofi Pasteur, manufacter of Dengvaxia, disclosed the serious health risks to those who never contracted dengue before they were immunized, it created criticisms and serious issues that involved the innocent children who were given a shot, especially those students of some public elementary schools.
Earlier reports said that aside from children, there were at least thousands of policemen were given Dengvaxia shots and now very anxious over the effects it may have on their bodies.
That’s why last Sunday, a dialogue was conducted with Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC) officials that was attended by the the police-recipients from the Quezon City. 

This is to let them know the government’s interventions since vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur disclosed the risk of “serious disease” for so-called “zero-negative” or people who did not have prior dengue infections before immunization.

Followed by this, a dialogue was also held at Camp Karingal by the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Health Service under PCI Josephine Nandu, in coordination with Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC), and presided over by Dr. Julius A Lecciones, Executive Director of the PCMC, to help those QCPD personnel and dependents who were vaccinated last September. The said dialogue focused on monitoring and surveillance of the vaccine recipients for immediate medical intervention upon onset of the disease in those at risk. Free vaccines were also provided.

“the health and welfare of personnel, and also their dependents’, is of prime importance and concern to the command group because it impinges on overall police performance; hence, the immediate response to the situation which may cause much worry, if not panic..“ The QCPD chief, PCSupt Guillermo Eleazar said.

“Mainam ding maaga nating maprevent ang mga ano mang sakit, kaya, pangalagaan natin ang kalinisan, hindi lamang sa katawan kundi sa ating kapaligiran, mapa sa ating tahanan man o sa ating mga opisina at istasyon (it’s better to prevent any illness as early as now, so therefore,  let’s work on cleanliness, not only on to our body but also to our environment, may it be at home, at the office, and station) ” he added.

Based on the record, there are 839 are QCPD (Quezon City Police District) personnelhand 498 dependents and civilians were vaccinated with Dengvaxia.


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